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Provo Commercial Roofing

If you're seeking out a dependable commercial roofing contractor in Provo, R1 Roofing can answer the call. Contact our roofing contractors now to learn about our professional roofing service at (385) 310-6208.

Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors in Provo

From manufacturing facilities to industrial buildings, your business property’s roof protects employees, expensive equipment, and products.

When your roof fails due to needing repairs or neglected maintenance, it puts everyone and everything inside your building in danger.

Whether you need expert roofing repairs or want to install a new roof on your building, our professional contractors and commercial roofers in Provo can do the job right the first time.

Our licensed, insured commercial roofing contractors can assist you in ensuring your commercial building remains safe and sound.

When you need a professional commercial roofer in Provo, UT, call R1 Roofing at (385) 310-6208 for a free quote on repairs or roof installation.

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Commercial Roofing Repairs in Provo

Everything from poor maintenance to wild Utah storms can cause your commercial roof to sustain damage.


Roofs in need of repair can result in leaks, mold growth, and other problems that can damage the stability of your structure while creating an unhealthy environment inside your building.


A damaged commercial roof might result in everything from ruined products to unhappy clients, making it crucial that business owners make roof repair and maintenance a top priority.


At R1 Roofing, we provide high-quality commercial roof repair in Provo.


Our licensed and bonded roofers understand the importance of functional roofs for any business, including everything from industrial manufacturers to product warehouses.


We can inspect, troubleshoot, and repair one property or multiple locations to ensure that a business owner’s expectations measure up across the board.

Common roofing system repair services we offer include:

Leaks can originate from many smaller problems ranging from punctures in roof coatings to loosened roof flashing, but the resultant moisture can cause those issues to spread throughout your roof if left unchecked.

Used during the roof installation or construction to protect the seams of roofing elements like skylights or chimneys, loosened flashing can cause leaks and weaken the structure surrounding your roofing elements.

From poor gutter construction to failing roofs with dips in their surface, pooling water can collect on your commercial roof and create the perfect conditions for insect infestations, algae growth, and other problems.

Hail, falling tree branches, and other debris can damage membranes or coatings, protecting your roof materials and leaving vulnerable spots on your commercial roof.

Roof coatings can shrink over time, tightening over your commercial roof to the point of ripping, cracking, or otherwise becoming damaged.

Commercial Roofing Replacement and Installation in Provo

When commercial roofing systems need more than repairs, you may choose to replace your old one with commercial roof installation.


Commercial roofing replacement projects upgrade buildings with better curb appeal and a higher property value.


Our roofing contractors use the best materials and equipment to provide expert commercial roofing replacement services in Provo, UT.


If you’re constructing new commercial buildings that need roof installation, our team of commercial roofing contractors can provide that service for you as well.


We have experience in many industrial roofing services, and our company has years of experience in all aspects of commercial roofing installation.


EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) presents as a protective membrane available in black or white and in varying thicknesses.


Built-up roofing systems have multiple layers of ply sheets and asphalt to create a stacked roof, covered with a cap sheet or granules for better protection.


TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing systems protects buildings similar to EPDM, using a single-ply membrane to protect against the elements.


Mod-bit (modified bitumen) commercial roof systems use five coatings of alternating fiberglass, plastic, and asphalt materials to create a thick roof similar to built-up roofing systems.

Why Trust Your Roof With R1 Roofing in Provo, UT

At R1 Roofing, our contractors have worked with commercial clients across Provo, UT, to provide them with the best roof possible for their company.


Our commercial roofing contractors make your satisfaction our top priority, so whether we repair, replace, or install a new roof for your property, you’ll appreciate our high-quality workmanship.


Regardless of your budget or the size of your commercial roof, you’ll enjoy top-tier customer service and professional commercial roofing services.

Enjoy the Most Reliable Roof With R1 Roofing in Provo, UT

When in need of a dependable company to repair, replace, or install a new roof, Provo business owners turn to our team at R1 Roofing. From roof repair and maintenance to the replacement or installation of commercial roof coatings, our professionals leave businesses happy with the roof repairs or the new one installed. If you’re searching for the best commercial roofing company in Provo, UT, call R1 Roofing at (385) 310-6208.