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Orem Commercial Roofing

Business owners needing commercial roofing contractors in Orem, Utah, turn to our team at R1 Roofing for professional roof installation services, repairs, and replacements. Call (385) 310-6208 to learn more about commercial roofing services in Orem with R1 Roofing.

Expert Commercial Roofing Contractors in Orem

Everything from strip malls to manufacturing facilities relies on a sturdy, dependable roof for protection from the elements.


Our contractors at R1 Roofing provide business owners with excellent customer service and professional commercial roofing in Orem, UT.


We work with roofs of all shapes, sizes, and materials to ensure that every company in Orem has the chance to enjoy a safe, reliable roof.


Our team consists of licensed and bonded contractors with years of experience in commercial roofing repair and construction.

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Orem Commercial Roofing Repairs

A commercial roof can sustain damage for many reasons, whether that’s due to damaged roof coatings or broken roofing shingles.


Clients needing a contractor to repair their roofs often do searches for “commercial roof repair in Orem.”


With our contractors at R1 Roofing, we’ll help you end your search with a reliable team of roofers specializing in providing top-quality workmanship.


We understand the dangers that a broken or failing roof can result in.


From mold growth to leaks and worse, your roof shouldn’t endanger the employees, renters, equipment, and products underneath it.


Our roofing company ensures the safety of your buildings with professional roofing repair.


Some of the most common problems our commercial roofing contractors see include:

Roof coating punctures, gutter issues, or broken shingles can cause water to leak into your building. A single leak can ruin the stability of your entire roof, cause mold growth, or bring about other issues that require lengthy construction efforts.

Flashing creates a skin between rooftop elements like skylights and chimneys and the surrounding roofing material. When this flashing becomes loose or rips away, it can expose your commercial roof to leaks, pest infestations, and more.

Failing commercial roofs or problematic gutters can cause issues with your roofing systems. These issues contribute to pooling or ponding water on top of your roof, water that can then leak into your building, cause algae build-up, or otherwise negatively affect your roof's health.

Storms often cause punctures in roof coatings due to hail, falling branches, or other natural elements and debris blown onto the roof. When these roof coatings fail, they become hotbeds for moisture, mold, and other issues to grow.

Improperly installed roof coatings can shrink, creating such a tight skin that the coatings crack, rip, or otherwise break. Like punctures, this damage attracts problems to your roof.

Orem Commercial Roofing Replacement & Installation

Some commercial roofs need more serious maintenance than a quick repair.


When our professional team in Orem inspects your roofing systems and discovers certain issues, they’ll inform you that you’d benefit more from commercial roof replacement than continuous repairs.


Besides protecting your buildings better, a new roof installation upgrades your property value and increases curb appeal.


During new commercial roof installation or replacement, our team uses only the best materials and roofing techniques to provide you with top-tier roofing systems.


When industrial and commercial clients work with our roofing contractors, they’re putting their buildings in the hands of our experienced and skilled builders who put customer satisfaction as our top priority.


When you install or replace your commercial roof, we can work with many popular roofing systems, including:


Available in black or white, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) serves its job as a protective skin over the top of your roof.


Built-up roofing consists of several layers of asphalt and ply sheets, creating a stacked roof topped with granules or a cap sheet.


Similar to EPDM roof membranes, a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roof comes as a skin that tops your roof and protects it from the elements.


Having a commercial roof system consisting of mod-bit (modified bitumen) installed consists of a similar method to built-up roofs. Our commercial roofing contractors will use alternating layers of fiberglass, asphalt, and plastic to create a five-layer thick roof.

Why Choose R1 Roofing for Your Commercial Roof in Orem, UT

Whether your business building needs roof repair or new roof installation, our team at R1 Roofing can help you make the best decisions to enjoy the benefits of a dependable roof.


We have years of commercial roofing experience, enabling us to complete roofing projects in a timely manner while staying within your ideal budget.


For business owners with multiple locations, we can ensure that you have similar roofing structures and offer maintenance for multiple buildings.

Keep the Best Roof Over Your Head With R1 Roofing in Orem, UT

If you own a strip mall, industrial plant, or other business, you know that a good commercial roof keeps your company rolling. Ensure the safest roof possible by calling our experts at R1 Roofing in Orem for roof repair, replacement, or installation service at (385) 310-6208.