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Draper Roofing

Owning a home in Draper, UT, know that their roof provides their house with protection from pests and the elements. Besides functioning as a shield against the outside world, your roof provides curb appeal and improves your property value when provided with regular maintenance and care.

Our team of professional, insured and bonded roofers knows how to find roofing damage and gives you transparent options for repairs, replacement, or installation.

We aim for the highest quality service and promise customer satisfaction, regardless of how large or small the project. When you need a local roofing company and service you can trust, call R1 Roofing at (385) 310-6208.

Professional Residential Roofing in Draper, UT

As your local residential roofing company, we offer experienced workmanship and serve communities in and around Draper, UT, with quality roofing services.


Our team ensures the safest, most reliable roof possible by paying attention to the smallest details, right down to the gutters.


Our professional roofing services include everything from leak or shingle repairs to full new roof installation, helping homeowners enjoy a top-tier process from the quote to the completed roofing project.

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When To Consider Residential Roofing Services in Draper, UT

Some homeowners don’t know that their roofs have issues until they begin to see leaks or discover parts of their roof in their yard, like shingles, flashing, or roofing nails.


Others climb on their roofs for various reasons and find that they have broken shingles, holes, or other issues in their roofs.


Regardless of how you discovered the problem, you can depend on our professional roofing company to help you choose how to move forward.


As a full-service roofing contractor company, we receive calls from homeowners across Draper and the surrounding locations for reasons including:

Sometimes the process starts because the owner of a residence requests a roofing inspection because they want to expand, upgrade their home, or put the house on the market.


However it occurs, when you contact our company for professional roofing, we provide exemplary customer service and use only the best materials and equipment.


This includes providing owners with plenty of options for roofing materials, textures, and colors, including:


Asphalt shingles remain one of the most popular roofing materials due to their durability, moldability, and affordability. Shingles resist fire and offer great protection against pest infestations and the elements.


Metal roofing adds lasting beauty to your home while also providing incredible protection against the elements. Additionally, metal roofs often contain recycled metal and can go to a recycling plant when removed, making them an extremely eco-friendly option.

Flat Roofing

If you need a residential flat roof in Draper, UT, our team can help. Usually seen on commercial structures, flat roofs offer homeowners the ability to raise ground-level outdoor appliances out of the yard, such as heating and air conditioning units.


Shake roofing usually consists of cedar wood or a similar material, offering strong protection against the elements and naturally repelling insects.


Installing a slate roof lets you enjoy the natural beauty and resistance of stone. Slate roofs last for years and provide a good level of insulation.

R1 Roofing Roof Repair Draper, Utah

At R1 Roofing, we offer professional and experienced roof repair in Draper, Utah.


We work with many types of roofing and can work on everything from punctured flat roof membranes to damaged asphalt shingles.


When you connect with us regarding roof repair, our roofers perform an inspection to discover the severity of the damage.


Once our contractor provides you with a quote, you choose what repairs we complete, then we do all the work and you can rest easy knowing you’re working with the best roofing business in Draper.

R1 Roofing Installation and Replacement in Draper, UT

When repairs won’t do the job, a contractor from our company may suggest full roof replacement.


If our contractors believe that they should install a new roof instead of performing continuous repairs, we’ll let you know all of your options.


Our company also provides roof installation services for newly built homes.


When you work with our contractors at R1 Roofing, you’ll see the difference in working with a local company with a great reputation versus a national company.


Whether you purchased a home and need a new roof or plan to build the house of your dreams, we can help you design and install the best roof possible.

Top-Tier Residential Roofs With R1 Roofing in Draper, Utah

When you need a professional roofing company in Draper, UT, our contractors at R1 Roofing can help with including repairs, installs, and replacements. Call our experts in Draper at (385) 310-6208.